sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2014

Apelo para Dia Internacional de solidariedade com as 595 empregadas de limpeza do Ministério da Ecónomia Grego

We, the 595 cleaners of the Economics Ministry, who had our jobs taken away from us on the 17th of September 2013, so that they can be given to private sub-contractors, have been fighting the last 11 months against the politics of austerity and against  those who are imposing it, ie the Samaras government and the TROICA. Every day we are on the street demanding our jobs and our rights, resisting police intimidation and government propaganda. Although we have been vindicated by the Greek judiciary system ,the government is refusing to implement the courts’ decision.
We are appealing to all residents associations, social movements, trade unions, women’s organisations, political parties and citizens of the world, all of you who don’t condone injustice and empathise with its victims, to express your solidarity with our struggle for survival and dignity, which is also your struggle.
We are calling on you to join forces with us and to organise together
An International Day of Solidarity
It is proposed that mobilisation takes place between the 15th and 22nd of September, ie the week before the court’s final decision on the 595 cleaners, which is set for the 23rd of September. A possible joint Day of Action could be the 20th of September.
The target could be various solidarity activities, like public meetings and mass rallies, mobilisations outside Greek Embassies, the IMF offices in Washington, the Central European Bank headquarters in Frankfurt and anywhere else you choose. We are already preparing for a delegation of the fighting cleaners to join a demonstration at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, either on the 16th or the 17th of September.
If you are willing to join this initiative, please let us know by the 30th of August, so that we can have a picture of which cities and countries are going to participate.
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Contact: Sonia Mitralia,
Τηλ: 0030 210 9420681, 0030 6932295118


         We are 595 women cleaners of the Greek Ministry of Finance and since September 17, 2013, we have been unemployed. The Government laid us off and chose to give our jobs to sub-contractors, with absolutely no financial benefit to the state. Our wages ranged from 300 to 650 euro a month. We are not numbers, we are human beings!

We haven’t bowed our heads in submission. Since September 17th, we have been in the streets every day, claiming back our jobs, claiming back our lives. [photo protests]

The Government has employed every means available to try to suppress our just fight. Pictures of defenseless 50 or 60-year-old women beaten up by riot police have spread around the world. Many of us were taken to hospital after barbaric and unjustifiable police attacks against us.

We have opted for dignity. Ten months of struggle, ten months of poverty and problems! But we continue to fight. We continue our struggle. We demand the self-evident: our right to a decent life.

A wave of support is sweeping across the country. Workers, laid off workers, unemployed people, students, pensioners, and artists are all showing their support in every way imaginable.

The Greek courts have vindicated us, but the Government refuses to comply with the courts’ decision. Instead, the government wants revenge because we have opted for dignity.

SOLIDARITY IS THE PEOPLES’ WEAPON. We call on you to express your solidarity with our struggle for life and dignity. We call on you to sign the support petition and help collect signatures, which will force the Government to execute the court decision – something that will cost nothing to the Greek state.